Signs you’re addicted to running

  1. All your stories start with “This one day when I was running…”
  2. Your most accessible drawer is no longer filled with work or casual clothes…but running clothes.
  3. You’ve spent more time watching your Garmin than a TV in the past week.
  4. “Sleeping in” is considered to be any time after 6 am.
  5. You’ve had to replace an iPod because of sweat damage.
  6. You’ve taken time off at work in order to fit in a long training run.
  7. You always know your weekly mileage total.
  8. Gifts to you for special occasions all start to be running-related.
  9. Your laundry pile for workout clothes tends to be larger than your pile for all other clothes.
  10. You’re always aware of the current market price for gels and energy bars.
  11. You find yourself wondering if all kinds of everyday activities like mowing the lawn count as cross-training.
  12. You start checking the weather report hourly, not just daily.
  13. You start a blog about running…like this one…
  14. Your profile pics on Facebook and Twitter are running shots.
  15. You’ve been out running so early in the morning that you passed a Starbuck’s…that wasn’t open yet.
  16. You’ve deleted songs from your iPod simply because they’re “not runnable.”
  17. You can’t remember how old you are but you know every bib number from every race you’ve ever done.
  18. During a long run, you’ve lustily stared at a half-drunk bottle of Gatorade amidst a pile of litter.
  19. You start having dreams about running.
  20. You’ve run through lawn sprinklers more times than you ever did as a kid.
  21. The only money you’ll stop to pick up from the street are bills…no coins.
  22. You can’t sleep before a big race.
  23. You can’t sleep after a big race.
  24. You have a favorite flavor of gels for race day.
  25. Your long runs become so long, you check two parts of the weather forecast: around the time you start…and around the time you expect to finish.
  26. You curse the shoe manufacturer when the new model doesn’t fit quite as good as last year’s model and causes blisters.
  27. You buy a treadmill.
  28. You buy a treadmill…and actually use it consistently.
  29. After running consistently for a while, you give your body a rest day. But all you can think about ALL DAY LONG is going for a run! (Nice contribution, Andrea!)

Have a suggestion for the growing list? Email me at with your name and/or blog link so I can give you credit above.

9 Responses to Signs you’re addicted to running

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  2. Love this page! I have enjoyed perusing through your blog! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  3. Amy says:

    I actually went through and deleted a bunch of songs from my iPod recently because they weren’t runable. And I’m truthfully guilty of more than half of the rest of these. Hmmm…

    Great blog!

  4. Great list!! All too too true! And unfortunately number 26… shoes I’ve happily worn in marathons and triathlons with never a hint of a prob, new yet race ready version = raging blister in race yesterday. So it goes! at least I’m not the only one:-)

    • Yup, you’re not the only one. I have the same size shoe, same brand, just this year’s model…horrible blisters. Before that, not a one. I even posted a pic of the heel blister, but not sure I want to repost that…

  5. Those were awesome! Every. Single. One. Thanks for the good laugh!!

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  7. I’m embarrassed to say most of those apply to me….!

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