Today’s Numberz: 6 miles and 6 scoops of carb load

After Wednesday’s super-fast 7-miler, Thursday was a well-deserved rest day. Plus, one of the clients at my marketing agency was taking out everyone for drinks and sushi on Thursday night. Talk about a class act, he wasn’t just taking out the team–he was taking out the entire agency (25 people in all). After more than a fair share of specialty drinks, Thursday night AND Friday morning became rest periods…

Sushi and drinks

I'm so grateful to have thankful clients. And that fruit and alcohol go so well together...

I’m normally all geeked up for a Friday night run, but this week dragging my butt home from the office went a little more slowly than usual–even with the excitement of a holiday weekend looming. I ended up crashing at a decent hour, and so did Becky as she was getting ready for her Egg Shell Shuffle Half Marathon in Schaumburg on Saturday morning.

As she headed out the door Saturday morning around 6:30 and with my boys still sleeping, it was time to squeeze in a steady 6-miler on the treadmill. Nothing speedy with another long run looming on the horizon for Sunday morning. Last weekend, I blitzed a 7-miler on Saturday ahead of a struggling 13 on Sunday. So this week I decided to just take it easy on Saturday.

Basic run. Done.

My last couple of runs on the treadmill, I’ve been making my way through Fuse’s Top 100 Dance Songs that I had DVR’d a couple of weeks ago. It has really helped the miles fly by, and there have been tons of videos I’ve never seen before to match up with songs I’ve been running to for two years. But I’m all the way through the countdown now…

Carb loading

It's been seven months since I've turned to my old friend. Time to make sure my system can still handle it...

Saturday afternoon, it was time to load up 28 ounces of water and 6 scoops of carb load in advance of Sunday long run. I haven’t taken any load since way back in September, but I want my system to get used to it again with just four weeks until my first race of the season, the Great Western Half Marathon on May 6. I wish I could find another flavor, but fruit punch is the only kind they carry anywhere near me.

Huge congrats to Becky for running way faster than she has in quite a while. While it wasn’t a PR, her 10:28 pace for the 13.1 was a definitely a confidence-builder for her three weeks out from the Illinois Marathon.

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