Today’s Numberz: $9 of Halloween candy…gone. And so much more.

It’s been three weeks since I ran my second marathon. It’s also been about that long since I last blogged. So what have I been up to in those three weeks?

In one word: eating.

Eating everything in the house, at DQ, at McDonald’s, Arby’s, Jimmy John’s, and more. Seconds and thirds. Double desserts. Chips and bagels and cookies. Let’s not forget the peanut butter covered brownies! All the candy I bought early for Halloween (an entire $9 bag of M&M’s, Snickers, and Twix…by myself…in three days). Coke Classic, not Diet Coke. And on and on and on…

My candy craving

My body may not be running much, but my sweet tooth is certainly getting carried away...

My running has ground to a near standstill with only two 4-milers and one 5-miler over the last three weeks. Work has been piling up at the office, my boys have had more activities than ever, and my wife now gets the mornings for her training for a half marathon in Indianapolis on November 5. On top of that, hockey season is now in full force and I attended my annual full-day referee certification seminar and now have anywhere from 4-6 games per weekend.

After 1.5 years of being much more conscientious about what I eat while training and racing, the last three weeks have been one big fried, chocolate-covered, sugar-laden, cheese-stuffed feeding frenzy. I’m sure I’ll get back on track. Just not yet.

All this typing’s making me hungry. I better go get something to eat…

Ever have a big post-race, post-training binge yourself?

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