Today’s Numberz: 16 hours to the Rockford Half Marathon

The Rockford Half Marathon starts at 7am on May 15.

The Rockford Half Marathon starts at 7am on May 15.

The Rockford Half Marathon is just about 16 hours away…

Race ambivalence
To say I’m a competitive person just doesn’t do it justice. It has never mattered what the activity is. From a hockey game during my 18-year career to playing checkers with my 6-year old, that inner quest for a “W” never wavers. (I have, however, finally learned to throw games gracefully to my kids. I still WANT to win; but I stifle the urge for a bit so they can.)

I’m also competitive with myself. Video games. My professional life. And of course my running (thus, the obsession with the numbers). But with my second half marathon just 16 hours away, I’m a bit shocked at how ambivalent I am. I even get excited about hockey games when I’m just the referee. But tomorrow doesn’t quite seem to be triggering my competitive madness yet…

I know part of it is because a PR isn’t even in the realm of possibility. My training has been totally out of whack for the past five weeks since my marathon, and the running I have been doing hasn’t been the kind of speed work and prep to break my 1:47:32 from September.

I hope I’m more excited when I wake up tomorrow morning. Or not.

Rockford Half Marathon weather forecast calls for 46 degrees

The Rockford Half Marathon weather forecast calls for 46 degrees.

Race forecast
While I must have checked the weather for the St. Louis Marathon more than 100 times, I’ve checked the Rockford forecast twice. (The ambivalence grows…) Looks like it’s going to be a great day for racing. Who could have guessed that my early April marathon would hit 90 degrees and my mid May half marathon would be around 45 degrees??

Even if it’s a little chilly at the start, I still plan to wear shorts. I’m  undecided about my Zensah compression shin sleeves, though.

It’s going to be an early morning as Becky and I have to be up and out the door by 5:00am to get to Rockford for race morning packet pickup. Since it’s a little more than an hour away, it’s kind of nice that it’s a smaller race (approximately 1,000 racers) so we didn’t have to make an extra trip today just for packets.

Race goals
This is the part that’s been eating at me for the five weeks since I crossed the marathon finish line in St. Louis knowing this next race was fast approaching. There’s a part of me that thinks I still might just cross that start line tomorrow and go as fast and far as I can and just see what happens (which may mean walking the second half if necessary)…

Base goals: I’d be more than happy crossing the finish line with an 8:40 pace tomorrow. Even more important, I hope to achieve some kind of flow or calmness during the race. As I’ve said in a previous post, I wasn’t quite mentally prepared for my first full. I never got into a zone like I do on training runs. I plan to be a bit more focused tomorrow.

Stretch goal: Finishing with an 8:25 pace would be thrilling.

Extreme goal: The weather’s good. I might get stupid at the start line. So I might as well lay it out there: actually matching my previous best of a 8:09 pace or better.

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